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Jilbab and Abaya Made in United Arab Emirates | Al Madeenah

Jilbab Boutique and Islamic Outfit for Veiled Women, discover a wide selection of Muslim Outfits strong> Dedicated to the Women at Al Madeenah.

2 Pieces Jilbab, Hijab, 1 Piece Jilbab, Abaya Dubai, Evening Dress , Kimono dress, Simple Abaya, Khimar are made in our own Atelier of Sewn in the United Arab Emirates or partner workshop and shipped worldwide from Dubai.

8 Brand Highlights for Muslim Woman Dubai | Al Madeenah

  • Jilbab for Muslim Women designed in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Guarantee of the quality of the fabrics used and the finishes of the Muslim Clothing.
  • Women Jilbab which combines Islam and Fashion for Veiled Woman.
  • Wide range of Islamic Outfits for Muslim Women.
  • Muslima Women's Summer and Winter outfits through our Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collections.
  • Availability of jilbab, Dubai dress, Hijab Jersey, etc ... all year round.
  • Islamic clothing carefully packaged.
  • Customer service responsive and available quickly by chat and/or email.
Buy a jilbab or buy an abaya at Al Madeenah is a guarantee of quality Made in the United Arab Emirates and a cheap fast delivery.

Al Madeenah Muslim Online Store: Ready to Wear from Dubai

As Muslim women, we have always sought to return to our true religious values ​​and our hearts turn tirelessly to the Middle East where at the same time we are drawn to Saudi Arabia and its holy places such as Mecca or Medina but at the same time towards the United Arab Emirates, a country which knew how to combine Islam and Modernity while making sure to offer a religious framework in accordance with the Sunnah and the Quran.

Thus, it is logical that we prefer Muslim women's clothing from these Gulf countries rather than Chinese products by the simple fact of buying a jilbab or an abaya of Dubai flow from source because the country of manufacture is itself Muslim.

Also our choice towards a Dubai dress will be motivated by the fact that the United Arab Emirates is THE country of the abaya by excellence, through our purchase of abaya or jilbab therefore we find a double interest.

Not to mention that the United Arab Emirates, being the place from which emanates Modest Fashion but also purely Islamic Ready-to-Wear, is a country offering a wide panel of fabrics adapted to the collections of abaya, jilbab, hijab but also fabrics perfectly selected for the summer or winter seasons.

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abaya maches courtes
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produit de qualité Allahumma barik

By Rafik A. the 2023-03-06 - Abaya Manches Courtes.. This review was helpful 0 - 0
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Sublime !!!!!
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J'ai commandé un jilbab pour la première fois et je suis agréablement surprise de la qualité du produit !! Ma commande est arrivé très rapidement et de plus des cadeaux ont été glissé dans le carton !!!! Qu'Allah vous récompense et fructifie votre commerce !! Je recommande fortement !!! Je recommanderais chez vous !!

By Donya B. the 2023-01-30 - Jilbab 1 Piece Nidha This review was helpful 0 - 0
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Jilbab noir
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Excellent qualité !! Et merci pour le bonnet tube avec les bonbons, Qu'Allah vous récompense toutes et tous.

By Nazgol D. the 2023-01-20 - Jilbab 2 Pieces.. This review was helpful 0 - 0
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