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Through this category, discover articles that will explain to you what is the jilbab for Muslim women, this Muslim clothing for women which Allah, Exalted be He, mentioned in His Noble Quran and in particular in Surah Nour, verses 30 and 31. We also detail the origin of this feminine dress which is part of the Muslim ready-to-wear as well as the different ways of wearing the jilbeb. You also learn the 8 criteria so that the jilbab perfectly meets the Islamic conditions set out by eminent scholars of Islam including Sheikh Nasir Al-Din Al-Albani. We also discuss the fabrics used to make jalabibs for the summer or winter periods as well as the jilbab models which can be in 1 single piece or other 2-piece jilbab models composed of a cape and a skirt or sometimes a saroual under specific conditions. Finally, we explain how the jilbab is an ideal Muslim outfit for prayer and the advantages of wearing it on all occasions.

1 article in the category: Jilbab, Islamic Outfit for Muslim Women